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Faceless Mirror is an Australian North Coast Rock Band comprising of 5 musicians with one common goal - to produce, perform, and record really good original music. We reckon if Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd all went to Neil Young's house for dinner and then had a jam.,. This is what it may sound 

This album 'Journey Home' is not just a bunch of songs thrown together, Its a concept album taking you on the journey of life, and finding your home -  the place most of us yearn to get back to - a place called home.  From the day you enter this world - the journey home begins.


During the album you are lead on a journey through the the consciousness of society. The happy times, sad times, homelessness, breakdowns, addictions, dreams., and of course the love.  Feel and be the love on this journey home



"Dave Cavanagh Is one of those extremely rare individuals that lives and breathes music from the soul. I have not encountered such a musical talent since working with McCartney and Stevie Wonder at Air Studios Montserrat. Each day they would wake up with a new tune in their head and Dave Cavanagh is equally prolific. Combining his talents with Dean Macaw's modern arrangements and guitars makes for a very listenable album that hooks you and lifts you up. It's been a great joy working with them through the mixing process and I hope you get a chance to feel this crazy little dream soon."

Michael Paul Stavrou

author of Mixing with Your Mind and Sound Balance Engineer at Studio Stav


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