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Reviews and Accomplishments

"Dave Cavanagh Is one of those extremely rare individuals that lives and breathes music from the soul. I have not encountered such a musical talent since working with McCartney and Stevie Wonder at Air Studios Montserrat. Each day they would wake up with a new tune in their head and Dave Cavanagh is equally prolific. Combining his talents with Dean Macaw's modern arrangements and guitars makes for a very listenable album that hooks you and lifts you up. It's been a great joy working with them through the mixing process and I hope you get a chance to feel this crazy little dream soon."
Michael Paul Stavrou

Author of Mixing with Your Mind and Sound Balance Engineer at Studio Stav

  • At The Barrier UK online Magazine: 4 reviews and Top 2020 releases. 

  • Fireworks Print Magazine: Appeared in 2 issues:
         - Issue 91 Jul - Sep 2020 (album review and single on accompanying CD)        - Issue 93 Jan - Mar 2021 - Interview with Band. 

  • Artist of the Month at Punktured Media Website and Facebook..

  • Received radio and internet airplay throughout UK, Europe, and Australia. 

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