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Paul Robinson (Rabbit) and Andrea Deeley are in the studio!!

Big shout out to Paul Robinson (Rabbit) and Andrea Deeley for coming over and putting down some tracks on the Faceless Mirror album. Absolutely mind blowing stuff!!.. Very much appreciated from all of us.. Lots of fun usual.

Andrea nailed the huge vocals required in some songs. So much power, tone and perfect pitch.

Rabbit on the Violin and Cello gave us goosebumps. Beautiful and haunting at the same time.

To be able to record this, and have instruments such as Cello, Violin, Hammond organ, and huge vocals was just a dream 6 months ago. How lucky are we??

Andrea laying down awesome vocals...

Such a treat to hear Rabbit play the violin

Want to set a mood in a song...then the cello does just that!!

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