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Debut Album

Journey Home



Origin:  Northern Rivers, Australia


Genres:  Rock, Country Rock, Blues Rock, Adult contemporary Classic rock with a modern day twist. 


Years Active:  2017- Present


Label:  Unsigned






Short Bio

Faceless Mirror is an Australian North Coast Rock Band comprising of 5 musicians with one common goal - to produce, perform, and record really good original music. We reckon if Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd all went to Neil Young's house for dinner and then had a jam.,. This is what it may sound 


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  • Dave Cavanagh

    • Lead Vocals \ Acoustic Guitar \ Songwriter \ Arrangements


  • Dean Macaw

    • Electric Guitars \ Producer \Backing Vocals \ Arrangements


  • John 'Derek' Armistead

    • Drums \ Backing Vocals

  • Michael Hunt

    • Bass Guitar


  • Tony Rendell

    • Keyboards \ Hammond & Leslie


  • Mark Cooper-White

    • Bass Guitar \ Backing Vocals


Special Guest Appearances

  • Johnny Harris - Harmonica - Bring it back home

  • Maree 'Kate' Barron - Piano - Bring it back home

  • Megan Young - Vocals - Bring it back home - In and Out - Only You

  • James Guinea - Backing Vocals - Lifeline - Bring it Back Home 

  • Paul Robinson (Rabbit) - Violin and Cello

  • Andrea Deeley - Vocals - Bring it back home - In and Out - Journey Home - It Ain't Love.

  • Marshall Okell - Slide Guitar on Jigsaw Puzzle

  • BJ Bulmer - Keys\Synths\Backing vocals on Life


Recorded at G'bah Studios and some of the drum tracks at Byron Bay Sound Lounge. 

Produced By Dean Macaw

Mixed and Mastered by Michael Stavrou (Stav) at Studiostav


Special Thanks: 

Special BIG thanks goes out to our Partners, family members, and friends for the patience and overwhelming support during the process of making this album. Especially Christine Beatty for all of her support and telling us to aim high for a great sound engineer, as well as feeding us during long sessions of recording and rehearsing. 


Thanks to Chilli at Byron Bay Soundlounge Studios for recording the drums on a few of the songs. Great job. 

Thanks to Juliette for sending up a new PC from her work scrap heap that was more powerful than Dean's Studio PC. 

Thanks to all the bass players that couldn't get their shit together to record! If it wasn't for you guys, we would not have found Coop!!

Thanks to Derek and Rhonda for lending the desk and Bass guitar for recording.. (one day you will get them back.

Thanks to Rhonda for some great Band shots. 

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